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Frequently Asked Questions
Making a booking
How can I make a booking on the website?
  1. Choose the destination.
  2. Select the dates and times.
  3. Choose any accessories if necessary.
  4. Click Ďgoí.
  5. Select the car type you require.
  6. Click Ďgoí.
Can I return the vehicle to a different office than the one it was collected from?
How much does it cost?
If you want to return the vehicle to a different office than the one it was collected from you need to choose the Ďone wayí option when making your booking.
Our website will automatically inform you if the route you have chosen is possible.
In most cases the one way option does not incur any extra cost. If there is a supplement to pay this is explained on the rental voucher.
How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
I have not received the confirmation email. What should I do?
Please check that you provided the correct e-mail address. If you made a booking more than 24 hours ago and you have not received a confirmation email, the most likely possibility is that the email was blocked by the Anti-Spam service of your email account. Please, check that the confirmation email is not in the "SPAM", "Junk Mail" or "Unwanted Mail" file of your email account.
If you cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please contact us via our website.
What is the maximum rental period?
In many cases the maximum rental period is 30 days. If you require the vehicle for longer than this then please contact.
Can I book a car for today?
On our website you can make a booking up to 24 hours in advance. If you require a vehicle for the same day, please contact us by telephone.
How do you count the days of the car hire?
The days are counted in sections of 24 hours from the time of collection.
It is possible to add a second driver to my booking?
Yes. Details of all additional drivers are to be given at the local office when collecting the car. Additional drivers must also present their original driving licence.
I donít know my flight number (yet). What can I do?
If you donít know your flight number (yet), you can put TBA instead of a flight number. If you are not going to have a flight number, you can put WALK-IN instead of a flight number.
How can I book two vehicles?
If you require two vehicles you need to make two bookings under the names of the main drivers.
The same applies if you require more than two vehicles. We require one reservation per vehicle. We cannot book more than one car on the same booking.
Collecting the car
Can I collect a car out of office hours?
Our airport offices are open until late. Out of hours collections are usually possible but are on request. Please note that there may be a supplement for this service. Youíll find all the information you need on your rental voucher. Itís important that you give us your flight number when booking because this means that our airport staff will be aware of any flight delays and will wait for you
At the airport, where do I get the car?
Locations will vary depending on car rental partner, but most are located at the arrivals hall, if not they will have a courtesy bus to their nearby office. Specific details of the location of your car rental office will be included on the rental voucher sent to you once you have booked.
Is it possible to pick up the car at the hotel?
No. Unfortunately we do not offer hotel deliveries. All vehicles are to be collected from one of our offices.
Modifications, Cancellations and Flight Number

Itís always free to modify or cancel your booking as long as you let us know in time according to the conditions of your booking.

To obtain a refund of a prepaid booking you must cancel it before the start of your rental using the links below, the links in your rental voucher or through the "My Booking" section of our website.

No refunds will be given if the booking is not cancelled before the start time and we cannot use this money for other bookings.

Modify my booking >>          Add the Flight Number >>          Cancel my booking >>
How can I extend my booking once I have picked up the car?
Please call us if you wish to extend your booking. You will find our telephone number on the rental voucher. Please note that you will need to go to the local office to sign the contract extension. Failure to do so can invalidate the insurance and result in a penalty charge for not extending the contract on time.
Conditions of hire
What type of insurance is there?
In the majority of locations, the vehicles have Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no excess including unlimited civil liability, damage or accident to third parties (CDW), theft of the vehicle (TP) and personal accident insurance for the occupants of the rented vehicle.
However, the following things are never included in the insurance with any car rental company: tyres, wheels, damage to glass/windscreen, damage to the undercarriage, loss of keys, filling up the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel. (There may be further exclusions depending on the supplier. Please contact us when you have made a booking for further information).
The majority of our suppliers offer extra insurance to cover the things not included in the fully comprehensive insurance. Please note that any extra insurance is optional.
In some locations the insurance conditions may be different. Bookings made with Atesa, Europcar, Avis, Sixt, BK Rent and in the north are subject to an insurance excess. All information is provided on the rental voucher sent when the booking is confirmed.
Can I choose the model of the vehicle?
We are never able to confirm the make or model of the vehicle you will receive. In the event that the requested group is not available you will be given a vehicle from a higher group at no extra cost.
Which documents are necessary to hire a car?
  • e-mail confirmation (rental voucher)
  • original driving licence
  • original passport or ID card
  • your credit card
Driving licence
Can I bring a photocopy of my passport/ID card/driving licence?
No, we always require the original. Photocopies are never accepted.
Iíve forgotten my driving licence. What can I do?
UK customers can contact the DVLA. (Tel. 0300 790 6801) In most cases the DVLA can send a certificate of entitlement by fax to the local office. Please contact us if you need us to provide a fax number.
I only have a paper driving licence (UK). Is this okay?
Yes, provided that you also show your passport for photo ID.
I only have a photocard licence. Is this okay?
Do I need an international driving licence?
If you do not have an EU licence you will also need an international driving licence to rent a car.
Can I choose the fuel policy for my car?
Yes, you can choose the fuel policy as long as thereís a supplier that offers this fuel policy in your chosen location. Once you get to the car list page you can choose the option of full/full or full/empty.

Full/Full: You will be given the car with a full tank of fuel which you will pay for on collection. You need to return the car with a full tank and the money you paid for the tank on collection will be refunded. The cost of the full tank can vary between 50 and 160eur. The exact amount charged for fuel will depend on the car type and model. For example, the tank of fuel for a 9-seater car will cost quite a lot more than the fuel for a small car. The exact fuel prices can also depend on the supplier. You can find all the information you need regarding the specific fuel policy for your booking on your rental voucher.

Full/Empty: You will be given the car with a full tank of fuel which you will pay for on collection. The cost of the full tank can vary between 50 and 160eur. The exact amount charged for fuel will depend on the car type and model. With this fuel policy there is no refund for unused fuel. Youíll find all the information you need regarding the fuel policy on your rental voucher, as the specific fuel policy for each booking depends on the supplier.

Under no circumstances is the fuel included in the rental price. You will pay for the fuel in the local office on collection of the car.

Fuel Price

The final fuel price depends on each individual supplier and will be determined depending on the price of a full tank and will be calculated according to the market price at the time of collection, the car model, the fuel type recommended by the manufacturer and the refueling supplement applied by the supplier. Youíll be able to find all the necessary information regarding the fuel policy in the list of cars and on the rental voucher.

To get an idea of the current prices for fuel set by our suppliers just click here.
I need to reserve a child seat/booster. How and when do I book one?
You need to request this when making your booking.
Is it possible to include a roof rack for the car in my booking?
No, unfortunately we are not able to offer the hire of roof racks. Please make sure that you book a vehicle with sufficient boot space for your luggage.
Snow chains
Snow chains are available in some locations and must be requested and confirmed prior to collection. The cost of renting snow chains depends on the location.
Satellite Navigation Systems are available in some locations and must be requested and confirmed prior to collection. The cost of renting a Satellite Navigation System depends on the location. In some cases a security deposit may also be required to ensure the safe return of the Satellite Navigation System.
How can I pay for my car?
U moet met een creditcard betalen (Visa of Mastercard).

Houd er rekening mee dat als u op uw creditcard een pincode heeft gekoppeld, u het pincode nodig heeft bij de verzameling.
Why is it mandatory to bring a credit card?
Taking the measure of bringing the credit card specified on the booking to cover the additional costs allows us to avoid fraud and to keep our reduced and competitive rates.
When do I pay for my car?
Most bookings must be paid for on arrival at the local office by credit card. For some bookings we can also offer the option to pay in advance.
Can I pay in GBP (Pounds Sterling)?
We can only accept payment in euros. You will be charged in euros but if you have a UK account then the final exchange rate will be determined by your bank.
Can I pay with the credit card of a person who is not present when I collect the car?
No. The person paying for the vehicle must be a named driver on the contract and must be present in the local office when the vehicle is collected.
I do not have a credit card. Is it possible to rent a car?
In general you must always have a credit card to rent a car with us. However, in certain cases a debit card may be accepted but always with prior authorisation from us. If you do not have a credit card, please contact us and we will try to offer you a solution.
How do I get an invoice of my booking?
If you require an invoice please request this at the local office when collecting the vehicle.
Do I have to leave a deposit?
For the majority of rentals no deposit is required. However if you have an insurance with excess, our office will require this quantity (on your credit card) as a guarantee. In most cases we can offer the possibility to pay a supplement to eliminate/reduce the excess amount.
How old do I have to be to rent a car?
Generally, if you are aged between 21 and 75 you can rent a car. However some suppliers require a minimum of 25 years for certain vehicles. All information relating to this is provided on the rental voucher.
Can I take the car from one island to another (Canaries and Balearic Islands)?
No. Customers are not permitted to take the cars from one island to another.
Who can drive the car?
Only persons listed as drivers on the hire contract can drive the car. If you are not named on the hire contract you cannot drive the car.
Can I cross the border with my vehicle?
This depends on where the vehicle is collected from and the conditions of the supplier.
Here are a few of the most common examples:
  • Vehicles collected from Reus, Barcelona and Girona can usually be taken into Andorra and France.
  • Vehicles collected from the southwest of Spain and Galicia can usually be taken into Portugal and Gibraltar.
  • Vehicles collected in Italy can usually be taken into France and Switzerland.
  • Vehicles collected in Portugal can usually be taken into Spain.

Please note that you will usually be required to pay a supplement or take out extra insurance at the local office for taking the vehicle abroad.
The cost of this and exact conditions can vary depending on the supplier.
You can find more information in the booking conditions and on your rental voucher. Prior authorization from the supplier is always required before taking the vehicle out of Spain.
Vehicles can never be taken into Africa.

The parties agree to submit any dispute or controversy to the venue of the civil courts of Castellon de la Plana, Spain.
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